It's been a while since I did an update on my project called The Hurt Collection. The truth is I've only gotten around to add two more pieces to the collection but they take a good deal longer to make than my usual pages. Both because they are a bit more detailed but also because my mood has to be just right for them. 
This one is my latest. It's a bit brighter than the rest - a change of mood perhaps, but I still think it belongs in the collection. So incredible many hours went into this - I think it's the one I worked on the longest - and it shows. I know, I know - patience pays off but I'm not all that good at sticking to one piece for more than a day.
I haven't shared this one before. So many words went through my head as I made it and I think that might be the reason why it's not as 'perfect' as the other but it's mine and I love it to bits.
Lastly I wanted to share this with you. I'm not brave enough to share my art with people I surround myself everyday. Somehow it's easier to share it with a bunch of strangers on the Internet. This however is proof that for a little bit I found an unknown courage and had some of them printed and framed. They are hanging in the bedroom so I guess in the end it's limited who actually gets to see them but they are there - and I can't help but feel a little proud every time I look at them. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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I'm playing a bit with surrealistic art. I feel like I'm moving further and further away from art journaling as such and more in an artistic direction. The pieces I've got to share with you certainly fits better with that label.

Sometimes I look at my Instagram feed and wonder - did I really create so many different things because I don't always see the connection between different pieces. I tend to create in groups. A lot in a certain style and then move on without really finding my own distinct style.
One thing they all have in common however is the pure joy I feel every time I turn another corner and see something new and exciting. So perhaps finding my own style will come eventually and until then I just need to sit back and enjoy the journey.

I have no idea what's behind the next corner but I think I'll stick with this surrealism for a bit longer because seeing something normally just exists in my head turn into an actual page is a big relief. 

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Another month, another freebie. I really enjoyed painting the flowers - and drawing the two girls. Not my best work but I'm guessing someone will be happy to use them. 

As always - I'd appreciate it if you leave me a comment. Comments inspires my creating ♥

Download by clicking the image and don't forget to visit the Pixel Scrapper website for many more freebies.

I haven't had many structured thoughts these past couple of weeks - and it shows in my art. It's much less detailed and I'm breaking my own rules by coloring outside the lines. Well, really I'm not even drawing any lines so I guess I'm not breaking any rules after all.
The story behind all of these are however that someone close to me is fighting for his life after a terrible accident a little over two weeks ago. We are all a little optimistic but none of us really dare to believe it will be okay. The lips and the words 'Just breathe' was something painted the other day while he was having yet another surgery.
The first piece says;

And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope

And that's us at the moment and that fragment of hope has made me chose the brighter, happier colors, to not let myself down a road of despair.  The truth however is that we are all heartbroken and desperate for happy news.
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I've been back and forward these past couple of weeks if I wanted to share this or not. Somehow I couldn't figure out how to finish it. It seems to be missing something but whatever it is - I can't figure it out and just need it off my computer so go ahead and grab it. 
But be quick - the link will be taken down at the end of month. :)
And here's the part that's sort of important to me. If you download it and use it - please come back and leave me link for it so I can shower you with love. It would mean the world to me. If you like to see the rest of this blogtrain please visit PixelScrapper

Well I did say I was going to have more time to create this week but I'm still surprised (and delighted) with the pieces I've worked on this week. Determined to overcome my fear of painting my drawings I've spend hours playing with watercolors this week and I think the results speak for themselves.
I did share these last two the other day but as the week progressed I realized I was working within the same theme so I've named them 'The Hurt Collection'. Don't read too much into that I just felt they all looked a bit sad and one even quite bruised. I don't think I'm done with this series just yet. 
Supplies for this post by  Jeanet Almhøj

Having some time off work this week was good for the soul - and my creativity. Often I find myself rushing through getting something done but with the peace and quiet I was granted this week I found myself working at a slower pace - and it really shows in my pieces this week.

It's been another week where I've used a lot of dark oil paint. A few sketches and a lot of drama. I got some inspiration from the artist Rafal Olbinski but it was only inspiration to get me started as the finished pieces has little to do with his amazing creations.
And apparently I'm not over my skull phase either. It started with inspiration from the Danish Eurovision song 'Soldiers of Love' - but I'm not sure how it ended up like this. 

Anyway today is the first day of a week long vacation. They are saying the weather is going to be horrible so I think there'll be plenty of time to create stuff this coming week. So I should have much to share next Friday. 

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