It's been one of those weeks. There's really not much more to say about it. I kept breathing throughout it all and trust me that in itself felt like an accomplishment.

It's probably something to do with the change of seasons. The fact that I've got a week off work to look forward to soon. Whatever it was I just didn't feel quite like myself this week. I tried persuading myself into letting go and just enjoy the sun but I wasn't really sad or blue or anything - I just ... Well ... Hello apathy.

Most days anything creative felt more like a chore than anything else and that's usually a sign for me to take a break so I didn't create quite as much this week. Probably because my heart was strangely quiet.
Even my Project 100 Faces seemed to come to a halt after going strong for 3 weeks and I knew something had to be done. So I took all the courage I could find and digged out the water colors I had bought weeks ago and finally used them. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have seen my cries for help. I had totally forgotten how unforgiven water colors are. Every single mistake shows. Every stroke stays there, if it was intended or not. For a perfectionist like myself that's a lot to take in.
Now this is probably the closest I've come to making anything hybrid but it wasn't a two step process because my printer chose to stop working in the middle of printing my drawing. So half of her was missing and since I hate to waste paper I decided to paint her with my water colors anyway and scan it to add further embellishments along with the journaling. 

I decided that since the print was already ruined I might as well go a bit crazy with the colors and a new idea than the original turned up. My favorite part must be the purple lips. 

So I did the drawing in ArtRage, printed it on watercolor paper, painted it, scanned it and finished it off in PSE. I probably wouldn't have done that had it not been for the malfunction of my printer but I soon realized I needed to try it again.

And so I did. Now the web version doesn't show it but my brush left some very unfortunate dots near his nose and while I hadn't planned what I would use this for those dots along with a quote from Ripper Street was the inspiration for how it ended up looking. Strange how 3 little random dots can become the foundation for an entire page.

'It's a fool who joins a fight he cannot win....' Only time will tell if I'm the fool or not because I'm not certain yet that this is a fight I cannot win.

Practice makes perfect and I am still determined despite my lack of spirit to draw, paint and create and while I might not ever be perfect perhaps I in time will learn to reevalute my idea of perfection. 
Truth be told - I think I've found more inspiration just by writing this post than I've had all week. Perhaps this feeling of nothingness is finally leaving my heart. 



  1. Lovely work, keep on painting!

  2. The paintings are fun and creative. I understand about water colors, YIKES! I am so glad you will keep at it, the only way to tame it. The dots/lines look absolutely perfect with his face. . .would not have known any different. Thanks for the visit. Blessings, Janet PPF

  3. In a way watercolors are forgiving as long as you quickly lift the mistaken stroke with plenty of water and a cloth. Just use the thicker paper like 300gsm. Your work is beautiful so keep going. Happy PPF


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