Welcome to my first post for the Art Journal Everyday  which I'll be linking up over at the brilliant and talented Julie Balzer. A woman I much admire (and envy - I mean who wouldn't want to have a tiny apartment with a huge art studio). 

I figured since this is a brand new blog I'd introduce my art journaling a bit along with showing some of my projects from this past week. I'm currently working on a 7x9 album. As a digital scrapbooker for years I've mainly kept to the traditional 8x8 but have played around with different sizes from time to time. I know it's just a measurement but trust me - it makes such a difference when creating.

It seems like a lifetime ago but I was a designer at the now closed Digital Scrapbook Place and on discussing what the customers wanted art journaling products came up. My biggest challenge as a designer was always creating something I wanted to use myself and art journaling just wasn't my thing. I was in awe of what I saw others create but I just couldn't see myself doing it. 
I was reluctant at first because I had this idea that art journals had to be messy and I was too obsessed with straight lines and rules to be able to just let go and create. It took me a long time before I found that the rules I figured art journaling had, only existed in my head. What a revelation to find that it could be anything I wanted - and needed. 

In fact so much a revelation that it changed me as a scrapper and as a designer which I soon after stopped being. My head was filled with inspiration for projects I wanted to work on for myself. 

So I went through a dark period at first. Because after all - the art journaling I kept seeing was dark and serious. Somewhere along the line I had forgotten to put my heart into it as well which seems weird considering art journaling is all about the heart. I still had much to learn and it wasn't until I found my heart that I began to realize that I could use it for so much more which is probably why most days it's not really art journaling - it's art therapy.

Over the years I searched for the designers that I felt best suited for my style. It never occurred to me that all along the designer I was first and foremost looking for was myself. I worked with Marcce Duggar for a while until she closed her shop and quite by accident I stumbled upon The Lilypad which at first sight had nothing to offer my artistic journey. However a designer I had long admired had moved her store there and soon after I found myself on Lynne-Marie's creative team and my art journaling took a new direction.

Her encouragements had me dust off ArtRage and start drawing again and soon after I found my pages not only filled with other designers' creations but also my own and this is truly where I felt I found the magic of art journaling. For years I had searched, knowing it was out there somewhere and yet not looked right in front of me.

Taking up drawing again and showing it to the world demanded a kind of courage from me that I never expected to have. Remember I'm all about clean lines and rules and my drawing was anything but that. At this point I had quit my job due to stress and had taken a couple of months off to take care of myself. Hitting rock bottom really helped me to let go off a lot of expectations and just be...

And getting things said I wouldn't otherwise. 

It's still a work in progress. The finding my inner artist and finding a way to deal with the world in general and that's what this blog is all about. So there you have it - my first 'Art Journal Every Day' post with a bit of explanation to who I am and what art journaling has meant to me.  The post got a bit longer than intended so if you've read it all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope to see you back as I'll continue my journey towards a 'fairly fabulous life'. 

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  1. Wonderful pages...I'm not much of an art journaler either but have tried a few pages...yours are beautiful!! Glad you're enjoying it...many do!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Welcome to Paint Party Friday and I'm glad I got to visit you on your very first blog post for this new blog. Yours sounds like an interesting journey and I love your designs on this post - I'm not really an art journaler but I know there are many folk who do this who visit PPF every week and I do love to see their creations - welcome on board!

  3. All your artwork is great, I am inviting you to share this with Feline Art Friday:

  4. gorgeous pages, pleased to meet you!

  5. Well, you have set the stage and now we can look forward to your future pages as well. I think you paint a wonderful picture of yourself in your pages and hope you find what you are looking for through your efforts. I too am bound (in my art) by rules that really don't need to exist so maybe I will follow your example and shed myself of that burden ... who knows, maybe I will find an artist after all. Thank you for your inpiring post and welcome to the blog world.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Wow, what a lot of wonderful pages! I love the Stay Go and the fish in the rain best, but all are terrific.

  7. Wow, gorgeous pages! Thank you for the inspiration. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Very creative. I'm so not (creative) in that way as far as art journaling. I tend to do better with other mediums such as photography and card making. I admire people with talent like yours, it's very expressive.

  9. Fantastic pages. I love Julie too. I love the quote about the past. Thanks for linking.


  10. Your journal pages really drew me in, made me look closely and ponder the quotes!

  11. Thank you for sharing this as i think many of us also go through a period of trying to find our way through art journaling. I get so bogged down worrying whether my pages will look good to other people that I don't relly feel they are my pages, meant for me. I have yet to find my own style either and I think I put my pressure on myself for that. Congratulations on your first post and I look forward to dropping by nest week. Diane from PPF and Express Your Creativity

  12. So far the most inspiring pages which I have seen. They are fantastic, inspiring and beautifully done!

  13. I noticed the link on your sidebar -- thank you for sharing this.


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