I must have been slightly mad last week when I challenged myself to create at least 3 pages in my hybrid journal. I thought it would be easy - heck I even thought it would be fun. And it might just have been if I hadn't gotten sick on top of everything else. 

I had actually talked myself into just skipping this week. It was okay - I wasn't feeling well after all so it would be okay to just take it easy. 

Apparently I don't do easy!

Or perhaps I do because while I decided still to meet my 3 pages goal I also decided to give myself a break and not be a perfectionist. 

It's not exactly easy turning off perfectionism and I might have fooled myself into thinking that was what I was doing.  

However I've looked at these pages over and over again these past couple of days trying to decide if I wanted to share them or not. Because here's the thing I really hate about my skills.

I've always joked that I couldn't even make a straight line using a ruler which is true. Another thing is that I can't follow a line with a pair of scissors without making it crooked. 
But it shouldn't really matter. I mean what does it matter? It adds character, shows it's homemade. Right? 

Why is it so hard to just let go? 

So keeping it in the spirit of challenging myself  - here's a new one. 

During this next week I will paint/cut/create something that isn't pretty or perfect or whatever. In short I will create something messy! [Insert screaming face here]

Perhaps this is the time to try out some collage or just throw some paint on a piece of paper and call it done. 

So let's just see how much I can let go this week and if I'm brave enough to share it next week.

For now, well at least I got 3 pages done. 

As usual I'll be linking up to Paint Party Friday, Art Journal Every Day and Kim Dellow's Show your face. Thank you for stopping by - I'm really loving these inspirational tours around the web every friday.


  1. Home is where your story begins. I love the piece you did around this quote and I really like what the quote says.


  2. we are never happy with our arty stuff are we..I work very messy and always want to do perfect..ha ha only we can be is ..well just be

  3. Yes, keep challenging yourself! Life's no fun without a bit of challenge ~ especially the ones we choose for ourselves!

  4. Your work is beautiful, imperfections just emphasis the beauty. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Love all your quotes and journaling. Happy PPF

  6. I love your pages and all the images and words to encourage your art, and silence the inner critic. Keep going and enjoy the process!

  7. Love again this week. Just love them all. Your face is amazing as always and I love the pocket pages. Well done on meeting your target and hope you are feeling better. Good luck on next week's self-challenge - looking forward to seeing it :) Thanks so much for the shout out for Show Your Face too! Kx

  8. You are WAY TOO hard on yourself... you do amazing work...I'm glad you are going to try messy though. My daughter can't cut a straight line either although she is very creative she is very math brained too..and linear thinking!! I think that last one of yours is magazine worthy...did I say that to you last week?... I have never said that to another artist.... I just looked back...and yes I said that to you last week!! Really there is something that screams magazine when I see your art!! Good job...feel better soon...and cut yourself some slack!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Your work is amazing! I really don't think you should worry about cutting lines straight or ruling straight lines. What you create is sensational just as it is! xx

  10. I don't know if I trust that "I'll never tell" girl - she looks a bit shifty to me - LOL!

  11. I love these pages! While I'm all for taking a break, pushing through can feel good. I love the composition and the emotional impact of these.

  12. I am so happy you shared them Jeanet your pages are all beautiful! I call my straight lines " wonky tonky " lol as if that is what was originally intended. Feel better soon. Tracy xoxox

  13. I feel your pain about making things messy! I find it really hard to loosen up...but it doesn't mean you're wrong! These are beautiful though and I can't even see any crooked cutting!

  14. So cool, keep them coming, sweetie.

    Love and hugs

  15. I like individuality and you have it in spades, so what if you don't achieve straight lines we don't in life so we should we in our arty space lol. Am so glad you shared, each of your pages has something wonderful there. your squiggly lines, your water colour effects and your stunning face is, well beautiful :-) xxx


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