We went to London in June for a long weekend.
Beautiful, fantastic, amazing London - I'll never fall out of love with you.
We spend a ton of money and time visiting Harry Potter Studios outside London. Worth every penny and minute.
I was surprised the grand hall wasn't quite as grand but kind of on the small side. Oh the tricks they play with us on screen.
I watched a lot of bicycling on the television. Just like always. I even got a chance to see the beginning of a stage starting from our own small town.
We rented a small and very old house close to the German border. Surrounded by nature and history.
Once more we saw proof that summer in Denmark can be many things. From sunny warm days to windy, rainy days.
We saw more castles than I can count and enjoyed taking small breaks without having a deadline.
And then the sign that Summer is certainly over. The yearly back to school photo shoot for my friends' son Xander.

As for what I created this summer - that'll have to wait for another day.