and another chance to get a December Daily, Document Your December or whatever you like to call it, done. I wish I could say that I've thought about the pros and cons of another attempt of something I've failed so miserably earlier years but I haven't really. I've always known that I wanted to make an album and yes I know that's potentially just setting myself up for another failure, but that won't stop me from trying. Who knows this might just be my year. 

I thought I wanted to do something artsy but as I was putting the pages together yesterday I realized I wanted something a bit more simple. So I've got a set of templates from Just Jaimee, a few Christmas kits from Little Butterfly Wings Design that I might or might not use but overall I'm just going to add words and photos. Well let's see how this goes.
Translation: "And so this is Christmas - or at least December. I'll look forward to it for months in advance and make all sorts of plans about what I want to do or what we should experience. When the month finally arrives I'm once again reminded of how crazy my work is this month and how little energy I have for taking on new projects. 

This year brought some changes at my work and although the madness continues I have a small hope that this might be the year to have that Christmas I've dreamed of. So let's this be my promise to myself to try and keep the Christmas spirit all through December.

First part of the plan was completed when I got around to do an Advent decoration yesterday. We haven't had one these past couple of years since I've had absolutely no energy for it so the thrill of seeing it done is all the greater. Even if it isn't perfect."


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