A couple of weeks ago we spend a Saturday night at a church attending a concert that told the story of a battle between good and evil. It was very dramatic, so beautiful and at times very scary. Not in a horror movie kind of scary but more like a sense of being lost. At one point where good was beginning to win the battle the choir almost whispered something that at first made no sense but soon became more audible. 

'You are not alone'

And I've never felt less alone in this world than at that very moment. It was magical. 

At times I wish I was religious. Whenever I go to a church of just about any belief I'm always fascinated with people there. I don't know why - I just have this idea that people that believe in something are happier than most. So obviously I want to believe. 

So what's keeping me from 'religious happiness'? I do believe in God but not as a creator but as a savior. Someone that by the idea alone can make someone feel safer, more complete, less alone and most churches I've visited leaves me feeling this is an all or nothing deal where there are no room for my doubts, making me feel like I don't belong. 

But that night, in Christian's Church in Copenhagen, I belonged.  

Supplies for this post by Lynne-Marie, Little Butterfly Wings and Jeanet Almhøj


  1. Love your painting. I, too, always admire people who can believe. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. really nice, love is shinning bright

    Have a happy PPF

    much love...

  3. Very nice. Super calligraphy too. xo

  4. Wonderfully painted! Faith is such an individual thing, there is no cookie cutter kind! Every person has their own doubts and beliefs - don't feel that you have to fit in with what is conceived as "the norm". There is no such thing :) Happy PPF :)


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