I've had a very long period where I've focused a lot on white - close to simplistic art journaling and while I don't feel like I'm done with it just yet, this week I've moved into using more colors.  All the pages this week is inspired by the nightmares I've had where I kept seeing people that I felt I should know but their faces were gone. 

I've felt myself at a crossroad for months now and honestly I'm still undecided which way to go because I know that taking one road will forever close the opportunity to choose the other.

If I choose the first I'll stick to what I know for sure. It's easy and convenient but at times so boring that I feel myself letting go of the control and just let life happen until I wake up and realize that I'm no different than years ago. None of this might sound appealing but when you crave stability it's the right path to choose.

If I stumble down the other path I might in just a few months find myself in over my head and desperately needing to find my way back to the way things were, but like I said - once I choose, there's no turning back. 

So my mind and heart are at a battle between what I know I am and what I could be - Surrounded by people I know but no longer recognize

Supplies used for this post are created by Tangie Baxter, Rebecca McMeen, Lynne-Marie and Jeanet Almhøj


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