When I first saw the prompt for the Digitalmania challenge at Flickr I immediately decided not to do it this week. The inspiration was Janet O'Neal, it was supposed to be bright and abstract. I couldn't identify my own style in hers.

But you know me... I can't resist a challenge. 

My end result is however not so bright and my thoughts behind are anything but bright. 

I've been reading a book this week about the trial against the terrorist that killed 77 persons in Norway in 2011. I'm not even going to mention his name here because I don't want it to infect my personal space - but you'll know who he is. 

I've been crying in the bus on my home from work, raging against injustice on my way to sleep and cried a bit more while on a coffee break. 
The descriptions of the the shootings were particular hard and as I was working on this piece I had absolutely no intention of making it about this particular event. That's the magic and tragedy of art - it tells the stories your heart holds no matter if you are willing to share them or not. 

A few lines, a patch of red, a green outline in the background and suddenly I recognized a visual of the book.  It almost made me stop entirely. 

It's not the must spectacular piece I've ever created but it's been one of the most emotional experiences.