I'm playing a bit with surrealistic art. I feel like I'm moving further and further away from art journaling as such and more in an artistic direction. The pieces I've got to share with you certainly fits better with that label.

Sometimes I look at my Instagram feed and wonder - did I really create so many different things because I don't always see the connection between different pieces. I tend to create in groups. A lot in a certain style and then move on without really finding my own distinct style.
One thing they all have in common however is the pure joy I feel every time I turn another corner and see something new and exciting. So perhaps finding my own style will come eventually and until then I just need to sit back and enjoy the journey.

I have no idea what's behind the next corner but I think I'll stick with this surrealism for a bit longer because seeing something normally just exists in my head turn into an actual page is a big relief. 

Supplies for this post by  Jeanet Almhøj
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  1. Interesting artwork! It makes me stop and think. I enjoy your color choices as well.

  2. I am liking your surrealistic art explorations and that each individual can look at these pieces and have a different experience/story about it. Happy PPF!

  3. I do rather adore that mystical nun sitting on the railway bridge. Love the way your mind works. Happy PPF

  4. I really love this type of art and you have captured the surrealist mood.

  5. I really like your style. It is refreshing. The colour and composition of each piece do cause one to pause and take time to enjoy your art! Thank you for sharing!


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