From messy to clean

"It's all messy: The hair. The bed. The words. The heart. Life" - William Leal
Today I want to share a little art journal journey with you. A short one that I took this week and shows that there are really no rules when it comes to art journaling.
This was done earlier this week. I haven't really sketched any portraits lately and I wanted to keep it the whole page quite messy to keep up with the quote. So the sketch was done fairly quickly.  Which was a good thing because then I allowed myself not to fuss too much about any details. I had a lot running around in my head and couldn't commit to perfection.
A couple of days later I had an idea for another layout and as you might know already I'm a huge fan of reusing my artwork (call it laziness if you like) so I went back and looked at my original sketch.
Moved it around so it fitted what I had in mind. But suddenly that quick sketch just wasn't doing it for me so I went back to ArtRage. I needed it to look more clean. Like cleaning out that junk drawer we all have, you know. 
So I did an outline of my original drawing which means it isn't entirely reused but more reinspired. 
And this was exactly what I had in mind. It's funny how the mind works. Just a few days ago my mind was a very messy place and now it's far more organized and need to see clean lines. 

So there you have it - Two different art journal pages done by the same person around the same drawing but with two massively different looks. Don't you just love art journaling?

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